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Select Works

Here are some of the projects that I enjoyed working on most.

Health through Community Living

Mayo Clinic

The goal of the project is simply to connect health data with its causes, so that effective preventative measures can be design. We believed that the healthcare challenges that individuals faces are community driven.

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Too Good to be True


Sealed is an energy company with an audacious promise - “A home energy company that invests in you.” How do you position something that on the surface, it’s a promise that seems too good to be true. 

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Redesigning for Growth


When RTape out grew their brand and website, they brought us in to rethink their communication strategy, brand architecture and website. We designed a robust and scalable data architecture to see them into the future.

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Embodying a Century of History

Algonquin Hotel

The oldest hotel in New York just celebrated its centennial, but despite its history struggles to connect with a younger audience and compete for weekend bookings. Through storytelling, we crafted a visually and literally rich experience that adorned the character of Algonquin.

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Declaration of Values

Stellex Capital Management

A newly formed investment firm specializes in the rescuing distressed companies. Unlike their competitors, Stellex values people and has an investment philosophy that needs to be reflected in their brand and website.

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Designing Serendipity

RISD Continuing Education

The RISD Continuing Education department lacked a strong online presence. Having over 1,000 classes offered every year, it is a data architecture and UI/UX challenge to design opportunities for users to serendipitously stumble upon content that interest them.

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A Better World by Design

Better World by Design

Better World by Design is an annual conference that I co-founded in 2008. Every year we bring a thousand attendees to Providence engaging in a lively discussion of how we are make the world a better place.

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Overcoming Stigma

PeaceLove Studios

PeaceLove set out to overcome one of the biggest social injustices in modern society - to end mental illness stigma. I've worked to help build their brand, community and organization, taking a step closer to their audacious goal.

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Capturing the Vision of a Child

Eli Draws

Eli Draws started with the passion of a 4 year old, who's creative abilities and curiosity were nurtured, cultivated and encouraged by his parents. With the help of Barnum, we transformed his passion into a company that inspires parents and children alike. 

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Reliving the Burning of the Gaspee


Providence celebrated the 300th anniversary of the Gaspee incident, where the burning of a Royal vessel led to the American Revolution, at WaterFire. I collaborated with Waterfire to highlight the great Gaspee triumph through the fusion of art, storytelling and social media.

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Rethinking Problem Solving

Monthly Design Review

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The Multiplicity of Efforts

Non-Profit Design Jams

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