Transforming Stellex's values into a powerful brand and website.


Stellex Capital Management, Wasabi Rabbit Client 2014

Stellex Capital Management is a newly formed investment firm that specializes in rescuing distressed companies. Different from their competitors, Stellex places their value in people and has an investment philosophy that reflects that by building stability by saving jobs rather than cutting cost.


Perception, Behavior, Performance

With any investment, one anticipates a positive result and return. Same for your brand. As with any investment, we focus on creating value, not on fulfilling an arbitrary numerical goal. The measurable performance of a brand is a natural by-product of careful investment. Perception can be tricky to control, but we’re not looking to control perception, we’re working to influence. Brands must seek to embrace and encourage the individual with which it interacts with. 

As Stellex look to take over a distressed company, the two main audiences that they have an influence over are the creditors and employees. Being an independent entity and often without inside influence, Stellex has to rely on their brand and website to communicate and instill confidence to those who face uncertain future. The design and copy decisions were carefully made to convey a sense of strenght without being hostile.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. – Walter Landor

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