Distilling the complexity of Sealed's business into a cohesive brand promise and experience


Sealed, Barnum Client 2012-14

My team and I helped Sealed distilled the complexity of their business model into a simplified brand promise and experience that would win trust with an inherently skeptical audience.



An energy company that invests in you

Imagine a company that helps consumers make their home more energy efficient and comfortable by  combining design, contractor relationships, energy efficiency incentives, long-term purchase agreements and financing. What would you call it and how would you describe it simply?

Distilling the complexity of this business model into a brand platform that would win trust with a skeptical audience was our principle challenge. As we worked through this puzzle, our foundational concept become: “an energy company that invests in you”. 


The statement conveys what is at the heart of Sealed’s offering while also opening up a dialog with consumers. The details of HOW Sealed delivers value may be complex, but the results are simple and emotionally resonant. By immediately addressing the shift  in how to think about your home energy ecosystem, we helped initiate a series of digital experiences to build  trust and drive growth.



Making your home energy efficient, makes your home more comfortable (and saves you money).

The  comprehensive brand platform we developed in collaboration with the founding team was designed to consistently reinforce brand values across touch points.  Critical components included  a tablet optimized sales tool and billing portal that utilized human centered design principles, simplified data presentation and clear language that stands in sharp contrast to the experiences provided by traditional utilities.



Concept Development

Brand Strategy

Creative Direction

Web Design

UI/UX Design