Employing design to help Sealed overcome consumer skepticism of their too-good-to-be-true promise.

Sealed, Barnum Client 2012-14

How do you convince consumers that they can live more comfortably, guarantee utility savings, simplify monthly bills, all without putting any money down? It sounds too good to be true – we worked with Sealed to overcome that skepticism and build trust through positioning the company in the market and developing their brand. 


Sealed simplifies the  together home improvement knowledge, contractor relationships, government incentives and financing, to give homeowners the peace of mind to enjoy the comfort of their Sealed home. This simple idea represents a paradigm shift for homeowners, energy suppliers, and building contractors. We needed a radical approach to developing the brand and communication strategy to introduce this win-win solution to an audience who are inherently skeptical.


First impressions are everything in order to rise above the noise, but to build lasting relationships with your customers, you need a well-crafted experience that is human-centered.

In order for Sealed to hit the ground running, we developed their brand identity and consumer experience in tandem to ensure that they are cohesive and memorable. Every design is an extension of the overall idea and brand values, instilling confidence and building trust. We developed visual tools and software alongside the sales team to help them effectively educate homeowners and partners. We distilled complex ideas into simple illustrations and metaphors so that they are memorable and repeatable. 



Concept Development
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Web Design
UI/UX Design