Positioning RTape for future growth by elevating their brand and web architecture


RTape, Barnum & Wasabi Rabbit Client 2012-15

RTape has been a Barnum client for a number of years, where we developed the original brand strategy and identity. At the time, the brand architecture was built to accommodate a small number of product lines, and have since outgrown both the brand and web infrastructure. We help them rethink their communication strategy, brand architecture and website.



All roads lead to Rome: Helping customers and distributors find the product they need

As their business continues to grow, RTape took to build upon their relationship with existing customers and distributors, recognizing that they are their best advocate for their product and brand. To do so, it requires them to bring clarity to their sprawling message and brand architecture. We developed the communication strategy by drawing direct relationships from company's sales goals to their customer experience and brand. 

We designed and developed a robust, scalable data architecture while providing an engaging experience for consumers (B2C) and distributors (B2B). The data architecture is designed to serve as the foundation for future expansion of product categories and product lines. The interface caters to both audiences – helping distributors search for the product they already know, while helping consumers discover the right product for any job.



Your reliable partner

When we first designed the brand, RTape offered 3 product, and over the next 7 years grew to 13 product lines with over 70 products. The brand refresh is rooted in their expansion strategy that lead to the focus of building parent brand equity. We redesigned the brand system, clarifying the relationship between the parent brand and product line, ensuring that they are recognizable and distinguishable.


Photography like the words and design serves a role in clarifying the brand. RTape is a product that gives craftsmen the confidence in their work, and we set out to capture that through photos.

The combined result of the photography, brand refresh, and website didn't just help tell a better story today, but positioned them well for growth in the future.



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Communication Strategy

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