Building and positioning a consumer brand amongst a crowded messaging category.


Hatch, Design Director

Hatch builds communication technologies that allows for the full expression of the sophisticated facets of human connections. I joined Hatch as the design director to bring to focus their vision for the brand and product. 



Branding is less about finding common ground, than it is about putting a stake in the ground. Successful brands bring clarity to their vision in order to influence their communities. As a young startup, we had to put our stake in the ground, distill our vision for Hatch and communicate it with clarity.  

We are living in the digital age where everyone have a voice via social media, but we believe that what many of us most yearn for is to be heard. We want to build a company that fulfills that desire by designing products that fosters genuine relationships, relationships than matters – We want to help people make Matterful Connections


The internet has given rise to faster communication, but we strive to build a more meaningful one. Our design philosophy centers around giving people control over what they share and with whom. Effective communication starts with recognizing that we communicate differently while we are with co-workers, friends and family. We designed our products to create different spaces for the roles we play in life and our various communities. 


Hatch's first consumer product is a messaging app that combines the intelligence of AI with rich content to help you be connected with individuals and communities that matter most to you. Over time, our algorithm learns the patterns of connections and conversation that matters to you most given your location (work or home), time of day and potential interests. Our platform also allows for branded interactive content to be contained in secure sharable cards, opening up the opportunity to collaborate with people and brands we care about.

Hatch has since pivoted from consumer focused applications to enterprise needs. The brand that I help build and the design philosophy still remains as they move forward.



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