Rethinking digital communication that helps you build matterful connections

Hatch, Design Director

My team and I worked with Hatch to develop a brand and product to fill a void in digital communication. The platform was created to honor the different ways we relate to our family, friends, and co-workers.



Matterful Connections

Successful brands command influence by bringing clarity to their vision. Giant Shoulders helped Hatch put their stake in the ground by distilling their promise:  

In an age where everyone can have a voice via social media, Hatch believes that more of us yearn to be heard and to feel connected. The company is founded to fulfill that desire and design products that fosters genuine relationships and connections – Hatch helps people make Matterful Connections

Since Hatch's promise is to elevate user's relationships, the visual brand was designed to communicate that point of view. It commands presence when you launch Hatch on your device and then quickly fades to the background, allowing your conversations take center stage.



Creating spaces for the different relationships in our lives.

In our busy lives, we interact with different groups of friends, family, and co-workers throughout the day. For most of us, we speak to our parents differently than we do to our co-workers and friends.

At the core of their design philosophy, Hatch believes that different relationships require different spaces and tools in order to form deeper connections.

Hatch's first consumer product is a messaging app that combines the intelligence of AI with rich content to help you connect with the people in your life. The AI algorithm learns what and who matters to you most through the patterns of your connections and conversations, such as your location (i.e. work, home, or vacation), time of day, and other data points. 


The platform is designed for third-party interactive content that shows up in conversations as sharable cards, opening up the opportunity to collaborate with people and brands we care about.



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