Building a community of collaborators to leverage creativity to build a better tomorrow.


Giant Shoulders & Co., Founder

We are a collective of designers, strategists, architects, entrepreneurs, analysts and project managers. We are a studio that combine leadership experience and design expertise, to help leaders in organizations see further: exploring beyond known boundaries, and discovering new possibilities. 


Our name comes from the Isaac Newton quote, ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.’ We are where we are because of the giants who came before us, and we come together to collaborate to become a giant for others to stand on to see further.

We are both thinkers and makers, we develop strategies and business models, build brands, mobile apps, and web experiences. We make beautiful things, but more importantly things that connects people. 


I founded Giant Shoulders on the core belief that creativity and collaboration is the approach to disrupt status quo for the better. Only together we see the clearest picture of the future, see old problems in new light, and find unexpected solutions. This studio is built to support this way of thinking and working, creating space through workshops to help our clients and partners solve complex problems and find clarity in chaos, then bring solutions to life their brands, experiences, and stories.


We believe that design is not a skill set, but a mindset that brings knowledge and imagination together to make amazing, meaningful and valuable new things possible.

We believe that the most valuable thing in work is to get a group of smart, talented people to work together towards a common goal – Through workshops we inspire a think-different mindset and create space to work through challenges and develop great ideas. 



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