Announcing presenters for our Transforming Inspiration into Enterprise panel/workshop at Better World

At this years Better World by Design, we are challenging our community collectively ‘walk the walk’ at the conference by getting 3 socially-conscious businesses off the ground. We aspire to make the world a better place – we are driven by action, and we are inspired by those who take action. Our hope is to inspire, accelerate, and incubate nascent start ups to position them well to change the world.

We have selected 3 entrepreneurs to present their businesses to our panel of experts and audience this coming Saturday, September 28th at 10am. We invite the audience to join the entrepreneurs after the presentations to at their workshop after their presentation to help get them off the ground. If you are unable to attend the conference this year, look out for a live feed link on the Better World by Design website. 


We are proud to announce our presenters and their business ventures:

Helping Hands - Presented by Madelena Mak

Helping Hands is an ecosystem for people who need hope and people who give help, by giving them a hand in the process of enrolling benefits in New York City. It is mobile web app that aims to make the help available, more accessible, and organized. It also provides people with positive voices from their peers. Visit their website


Kinvolved - Presented by Miriam Altman

Kinvolved is dedicated engaging families to improve K-12 attendance and increase high school graduation, particularly among underserved students. Our solution is three-part: Teachers record attendance and immediately notify families of truancy using our software; Viewing the software's graphic reports, teachers and administrators identify behavioral trends in attendance; Based on the trends, Kinvolved recommends tailored solutions to solve the underlying causes of absenteeism.Visit their website


TerraPreta - Presented by Lauren Grant

The TerraPreta seeks to change the way we view food waste. Instead of sending it away to the landfill, the TerraPreta demonstrates that anyone can easily turn what was once "waste" into a valuable organic resource in a little as eighteen hours. It achieves this by shrinking the space needed for composting to a mere 6-3/4" by 10-7/8" chamber that can easily fit under your kitchen sink.



A Better World by Design is an internationally-acclaimed, student-run annual conference that takes place on Brown and RISD on September 27th to 29th. We believe in harnessing the power of design to impact everything from health care and development to education and technology. We do this with the understanding that healthy communities grow out of a sustainable and socially just world

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