April 13th: 2013 RISD Art of Business Bootcamp

Deadline for submission April 8th

Barnum is on mission to help the entrepreneurial minded transform their inspiration into enterprise. At Barnum, we work with clients ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 businesses to develop the business and communication strategies that drive performance. In keeping with our mission to support entrepreneurship, Barnum recently established Sweat Ventures, LLC as a vehicle to more directly incubate and accelerate nascent start ups.

This April at RISD's Art of Business conference, we’ll be hosting a fast-paced workshop where entrepreneurs pitch their big idea to a panel of seasoned individuals specifically selected from the our ecosystem. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, and those aspiring, crystalize their idea and move toward action.

As creators we understand that we live in a world of ideation, we love dreaming up crazy ideas, but the real test of our passion is making them happen. Like many of you, we have ideas on the back burner that we want to pursue. We invite you to submit one of those ideas to us along with how you envision making them happen. We'll select 3-5 entrepreneurs to present their concept at the workshop. Participants will have 10 minutes to present, and the panel will have 10 minutes to review, question, critique, and provide constructive recommendations on the pitch and the endeavor.

Our online form will ask you a few questions that will help you think through how you might turn your idea into a sustainable business. Submission deadline is Monday April 8th, and presenters will be selected on Thursday April 11th. The 2013 RISD Art of Business Bootcamp will be held on Saturday April 13th at the Providence Rennaissance Hotel.

Given Barnum’s investment strategy and commitment to venture acceleration, each of the selected participants will also have the opportunity to be considered as one of our Sweat Ventures.

Tino Chow