2013 RISD Art of Business Bootcamp Follow Up: An Inspiring Workshop

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we balance two basic things - our ambitious idea and our finite resources. And while an idea may have power, an idea has no inherent value independent of execution. We are excited to work with passionate people with entrepreneurial aspirations and a few weekends ago, we had the opportunity to partner with Rhode Island School of Design to put on our entrepreneurial workshop.

Our goal was to help aspiring entrepreneurs takes the first steps by inviting them pitch their ideas, and through that process crystalize their vision, communicate the core value proposition, and focus on “the ask”. And we’re not stopping there! We’ve been following up with each of the teams to provide further advice and even to spend a day with our team to work on their ideas.

Here’s a quick rundown of the three ventures that presented at the workshop:

Local Link is a supporter/incubator/connecter for local businesses and non-profits. In today’s ‘local’ communities: small rural towns to urban neighborhoods, innovative and inspiring measures are being taken to fill the gaps of need within their public realms. These benevolent organizations often don't reach a wider landscape of acknowledgment beyond their respective environments, however, their efforts are possible resolutions and inspiration for other localities.

Increment - We aim to maintain a “play community” in Providence through creating developmental toys for kids with or without special needs. In RI, our growing special needs market makes up for 17% of children in K-12. We will directly include these users, as well as their peers, parents, and teachers in the development of our platform toys. These educational toys will allow for future interdependent products that will benefit not only the growth of the business, but also the growth of our customer base.

Léah Chung International will generate revenue by selling shoes directly to customers. We will start with pop-up stores in New York, attracting passersby with our proactive salespeople, a variety of heels and boots, and models. Léah Chung will then expand to department stores, speciality medical item distributors, and multiple online vendors. We want every woman in the world with bunions or a similar malady to have access to our products.