TEDxPublicStreet: Realigning the American Dream

The American Dream, or in short The Dream, has not just defined United States, but the idea has travelled into all corners of the world. The idea that anything is possible, and through hard work and determination, we can achieve anything, is no longer an American idea. The growth of China, India and the civil uprising in the Middle East all similar version of that Dream.

"Making money isn’t the backbone of our guiding purpose; making money is the by-product of our guiding purpose."

- Warren Buffet

The Dream is a combination of hard work and passion to defy all odds to find success. However, it is so easy for us (especially in America) to boil down The Dream to the pursuit of wealth and material prosperity. We may admire people with money, but the people we truly look up to (regardless of their financial wealth) seem to have become successful because of their steadfast believes and hard work. Whether or not your hero is Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or our parents, we look up to them because they added value to the world. I believe that many of us look up to them because we want to emulate who they are, their journey and why they do what they do.

At Barnum, we love to talk about value creation, because it is a lot more exciting and fulfilling that simply creating wealth. We don't believe that the short sightedness of pursuing wealth without creating value because it never leads to anything lasting. We work with entrepreneurs to transform their inspirations into enterprise, because we believe in helping individuals emulate their heroes and navigate their journey in creating value for the world. Realigning our dream to create value has a longer lasting impact ,and perhaps we can too leave a legacy like our heroes.