Amazing Day at BIF

Session after session, storyteller after storyteller, the Business Innovation Conference kept blowing me away. Having been to conferences all around the world, the storytellers (not presenters) at BIF brought touching and inspiring stories that are accessible and personable. I had the privilege to know a few of the speakers including Jeremy Heimans, who gave an amazing talk about his journey from being a child star with a song about peace he wrote, went on to figure out what his purpose in life, and eventually starting his company PURPOSE that help start movements.

I would say that the best talk of day one is, hands down, Jeff Sparr's talk. It is not because I know him and that his company has a special place in my heart, but he delivered a great personal story - how it inspired him into action and how everyone can be part of his movement, PeaceLove. Even after having heard his story countless time, the impact, the crowd, and the energy once again moved me to tears. I had the privilege to work with Jeff Sparr and PeaceLove the last 3 years, joining their board a few months ago, and got to work with him with his story at BIF this year. I am really proud of him and the rest of the team who stood behind him.

Tino ChowBIF, Design, Conference