June’s Monthly Design Review in NYC

We had a great turn out for this month’s meeting at the SALT Space in Flatiron, over 30 people showed up. This is the 6th month that we have been gathering and now we have an average of 25 people attending the meetings. It was a mix of causal mingling and intimate conversations about our passions as artists, designers and creatives. Not very often we get a chance to pause, look back and reassess what we are doing and why we are doing it. This was one of those times, where we remove ourselves from our work and connect with others who have similar passions at a more profound level.

Every month, we mix it up a little and try new things, this month, we got people to participate not by simply speaking to one another, but to use their hands to communicate through drawing and writing. (Thats what we do as artists and designers)

Next month’s meeting will be on July 15, join us then.

Tino Chow