Thoughts on the Defining Moment in Human History as Craig Venter designs life

I was listening to my daily BBC news podcast when the news of Craig Venter creates synthetic cell from artificial genome. In his interview with the BBC, he believes that this breakthrough could spark the new industrial revolution. Honestly, this is beyond my understanding and although it creates wonderful opportunities and have great potential, there is also a fear of such technology. The technology can be used for tremendous good to develop alternative fuels, nano technology, new vacines, new plastics all from Carbon Dioxide, but of the flip side this technology could find its way into the ultimate biological weaponry. It was hard to avoid the ethical questions that have been raised and it seems like it is an argument that is in a vast grey area, in serval interviews he was asked if he was playing god, and he made a great responses on

Beyond the argument of whether this is right or wrong, I believe most importantly as Craig Venter puts it “this is a giant philosophical change in the way we view life.”

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Tino Chow