TEDxSingapore Recap

It was an honor to be at TEDxSingapore when I was back in Singapore for the first time since getting the TED Fellowship in 2010. It was a tremendous atmosphere and was great to present my work in design to an audience of over 200 people. I was introduced as the first Singaporean Fellow and was giving a lot of attention the entire day, which I was not very used to. I did meet a bunch of really cool people at the event, and several collaboration opportunities arose and I am excited to see where these projects might go.

The speakers that spoke at the event were great too, from harnessing the consumers’ spending to get corporate companies to donate part of their earnings to better the world; to talking about the different TED conferences around the world; to a presentation given to highlight the worst of powerpoint presentations; to using social media in the right way; TEDxSingapore was a great platform to spread ideas in Singapore that many are not exposed to in the traditional media. If you are interested in finding out what happened at TEDxSingapore, check out Twitter #TEDxSingapore Find out more about TEDxSingapore here.

Tino Chow