Sir Ken Robinson on the future of education at TEDActive 2010

The second climate crisis – a crisis of human resources. We make very poor use of our talents. Having seen him speak at my own commencement at Rhode Island School of Design last year, he once again made tremendous sense, and call for action.

Education removes us from our talents. We need to create the circumstances to harvest them. Reform is improving a broken model. We don’t need a evolution in education, but a revolution that transform into something else.

Challenging what we take for granted. He quotes Abraham Lincoln to rise with the occasion, not rise to it.

People opp out of education because it doesn’t resinate with them. We need to move away from the industrial model of education but into agricultural model. To be organic, not cloning children.

@HelenWalters: Robinson quotes Yeats: “I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly.” This is what children do. We should tread softly. #TED

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