TEDxHongKong Recap

Last Saturday was the international children’s day, and TED put together a worldwide TEDxYouthDay event with over 60 participated cities all round the world. The Hong Kong event was one of the most inspiring conferences that I have attended so far in Asia. About 150 kids and adults showed up at the Teachers’ Association Secondary School in Hong Kong eager to learn and challenge themselves to become more. The speakers shared stories of their own struggles and disappoints that they have to endure before succeeding.

Growing up in Hong Kong, kids are often told to keep our feet on the ground and work hard, but seldom asked where we want to do. The common theme that kept popping up in the presentations is to challenge us, young or old, ‘To dare to dream’ and ‘Dare to follow your dream’. However, that is only half the message, you cannot succeed without working hard towards your dream. Along the way, there will be people who doesn’t believe in you, don’t be discouraged, if you believe in what you do and persevere, you will succeed. As part of the youth movement, Big New Ideas and CreativeKids will be putting together a Creative Education Conference in Hong Kong next year in September. We believe that through creative education, we’ll build an environment that will encourage kids to fulfill their dreams.

Tino ChowTEDxYouth, TEDx, Hong Kong