Cofounding Better World by Design because design matters in our world now more than ever.

  Photo credit:  Isaac Blankensmith

Photo credit: Isaac Blankensmith

Better World by Design, Co-founder

Better World by Design is an annual conference that reaches across disciplines and united under a common goal to make our world a better place. Started in 2008, we have now hosted the conference annually, bringing together about a thousand attendees each year, and built a global community makers and doers. 


Better World is a three-day immersive experience that deepens our understanding of engaging the power of design in our communities and environments. The conference is hosted and organized by students from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Each year, the committee defines an area of interest and invites presenters from all around the world to come share engaging stories, lead workshops, and help frame the conversation.


I co-founded the conference in 2008 with a few friends at Brown University and RISD who shared similar frustrations with the limited application of our formal education in solving pressing social and environmental problems. We organized the first conference because we wanted the opportunity to hear and learn from those who were influencing the world with their ideas and action. We partnered with the city of Providence and like-minded local organizations to bring the conference to life.

  The original Better World Conference hosted at Brown University in 2008

The original Better World Conference hosted at Brown University in 2008


The conference have been passed down from one generation of students to the next, giving them the opportunity that we had to use this forum to enhance their formal education. In 2017, we'll be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the conference. I hope to see you there.



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